Additional Cloud Services

Dynamic, one-to-many interconnection to a community leading cloud and IT providers.

When you choose CoreSite as your cloud service data center, you gain access to a community of over 325 cloud and IT providers that can help you with nearly any data requirement. In addition to large public clouds, we also provide access to an array of specialty providers.

Public cloud

We offer secure, dedicated connections to various public cloud platforms. Whether you need IaaS, PaaS, or other scalable IT services, we provide on-ramps to leading providers such as AWSMicrosoft AzureGoogle Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud and Alibaba Cloud.

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Private cloud

Private cloud offers similar benefits to public cloud, but with enhanced security through a proprietary architecture. We have a number of customers that can fully manage your private cloud deployment or assist you with building a solution of your own.

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Bare Metal cloud

Bare metal solutions range in services hosted by public cloud providers along with colocation-based infrastructure providers. We support an ecosystem of leading bare-metal providers that offer unique advantages to customers evaluating a variety of solutions for their digital strategy while being mindful of future optionality.

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Software as a service

Our Software-as-a-Service customers provide various application management tools, such as collaboration, CRM and ERP. These providers’ services are owned, delivered, and managed on a subscription basis.

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Managed services

As you evaluate a multi-cloud deployment, you may require assistance with move, migration, and management of your various environments. Our managed services customers can provide on-boarding, orchestration, and e-management services to help you with nearly any requirement.

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Monitoring & security

Data integrity and control is ever-important. We have a community of providers that specialize in areas like DDoS protection and cyber security to help protect your mission critical data.

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