Hybrid Cloud: Integrated, Connected Cloud Data Centers

CoreSite data centers offer secure, dedicated access to multiple leading cloud solutions.

Cloud Connected Data Centers

Cloud services are now ubiquitous in the IT industry. Most enterprises now use at least one cloud service provider, while more and more start-ups have cloud-only IT infrastructure. There is great reason for this – cloud platforms provide instant scalability and reduced upfront costs. However, many companies are finding that the cloud doesn’t make sense for all applications, and fees can be a headache to manage. A hybrid mix of dedicated infrastructure with integrated cloud connections works best and cost-effectively for most businesses.

CoreSite makes it easy to integrate your existing architecture with private and public cloud platforms. When you colocate within CoreSite’s secure data centers, you gain access to a marketplace of over 775 leading network, cloud, and IT service providers. This ecosystem provides enterprises the opportunity to replace costly network builds with private, direct connections to multiple providers simultaneously and on-demand while still having a secure, reliable and scalable environment to expand as requirements grow.

Whether you need to connect to a large public cloud like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud and Alibaba Cloud, or require a specialty provider for private cloud, Software-as-a-Service, security, or other needs, CoreSite can connect you to the right solution.

Featured Public Cloud Providers

AWSGoogle Cloud PlatformMicrosoft AzureMicrosoft Azure

Hybrid Cloud Within CoreSite’s Data Centers


Scalable IT services provided to multiple users over the public internet or via a secure, dedicated connection. Examples include IaaS and PaaS.

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Cloud computing that delivers similar advantages to public cloud, but with enhanced security through a proprietary architecture.

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Bare-metal solutions range in services hosted by public cloud providers along with colocation-based infrastructure providers and offer benefits such as customization, management simplicity, performance, and scalability.

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Cloud based application management software that is owned, delivered, and managed on a subscription basis.

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Outsourced monitoring and management of security such as DDoS protection and cyber security services.

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Move and migration, orchestration, onboarding, and e-management services provided by a third party.

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