CoreSite Interconnect Gateway℠

The CoreSite Interconnect Gateway℠ allows you to rapidly optimize your network performance.

The CoreSite Interconnect Gateway™ allows you to rapidly optimize your network performance.

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End-user experience is what every business should hang their hat on. But a truly great digital experience is difficult to create. And the make-or-break moment of any digital experience is availability and reliability. With increasingly complex enterprise IT architectures, it can be a headache to optimize for performance and cost-effectiveness. That’s why we created the CoreSite Interconnect Gateway℠. The CoreSite Interconnect Gateway℠ allows you to rapidly optimize your network performance.

Key benefits of the CoreSite Interconnect Gateway℠


Streamline and optimize network, hybrid and multi-cloud implementations with a fully managed solution.


Reduce latency by an average of 44%* and deliver a consistent end-user experience.


Monthly billed solution includes network hardware, colocation, monitoring, management and more.

* Calculations based on speed tests conducted by CoreSite of direct interconnection product vs. the public Internet and may not accurately reflect your performance improvements. These tests have not been independently verified by any third-party and should not be deemed to be an assurance or guarantee as to expected performance.

How it works

This fully managed solution creates secure, high-bandwidth direct connectivity to leading public clouds, network service providers, data centers, and corporate offices to improve application performance and reduce network costs. Traffic is efficiently routed between vendors through router, firewall, and WAN acceleration services on the platform.

CoreSite Interconnect Gateway
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Enter multi-cloud confidently

There’s a worldwide shortage of workers with skills in cloud computing. Enterprises are having trouble progressing on their digital transformation initiatives without proper in-house IT resources. Outsourcing IT workloads allows you to recognize immediate benefits, like cost control, efficiency, compliance, security and risk management.

By working with solution partners to bundle the CoreSite Interconnect Gateway solution, customers will have direct access to managed service providers’ experienced leadership in consulting, managed IT and cloud services. The CIG bundle includes 24/7/365 management and monitoring provided by a trusted CoreSite solution partner.

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