Interconnection Solutions: Enabling Business Growth in the Digital Economy

Integrate and securely scale your business by connecting your network, applications and data through interconnection

What are Interconnection Services?

Colocation and interconnection have been inseparable since the beginning of the industry. Colocation provides a central meeting place for networks, clouds and enterprises to house their physical infrastructure and efficiently exchange traffic with one another. Interconnection services are the physical connections between those companies that enable this exchange of data. This is best achieved in a vendor-neutral data center with a large ecosystem of vendors colocated together.

Colocation and Interconnection Working Together


When businesses create dedicated connections to one another within the same colocation data center - rather than connecting via a network outside of the data center - it reduces the distance that data has to travel, and ultimately, latency.


Interconnection has the ability to support one-to-many connectivity. Peering and cloud exchanges enable organizations to set up a more efficient network architecture and support multi-cloud connectivity through accessing multiple vendors through a single connection.


Direct cloud access services, such as AWS Direct Connect, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute and Oracle Cloud allow enterprises to bypass the public internet when connecting to major public cloud providers. This helps to reduce costs and increase performance.

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