The Open Cloud Exchange®

An Interconnection Platform to Solve Digital Business Challenges

Simplify Your Network, Improve Business Agility and Reduce TCO

The Open Cloud Exchange® (OCX) enables deploying high-performance hybrid architectures faster, more securely and at a lower total cost of operation than alternative solutions.

The Open Cloud Exchange…

  • Accelerates IT modernization – Rapidly turn up connections from customer premises to clouds   and automate implementing data center services.
  • Reduces total cost of operation – Direct cloud connectivity cuts data egress fees and there’s no routing equipment needed. Flat rate, month-to-month billing eliminates vendor lock-in.
  • Speeds time to market – New applications can be deployed quickly across multiple U.S. markets using inter-market connectivity.
  • Elevates business agility – Flexible platform enables direct interoperability to IT service providers and site-to-site connectivity solutions.
  • Expands market reach and addressable markets – Leverage inter-market connectivity to reach more enterprises and interconnection among an ecosystem of providers.

Enhanced Network Services

Since launching the Open Cloud Exchange in 2013 – the first platform of its kind – CoreSite has continually looked for ways to improve this platform and help companies modernize networks as they deploy more complex architectures.

Cloud Connect Peering

Establish fully managed, direct connections to cloud service providers and SaaS providers across Layer 2 and Layer 3 on the OCX (now available)

Cloud-to-Cloud Communication

Facilitate traffic directly between multiple clouds (now available)

Solve Interconnection Challenges

Simplify the complexity of connectivity

Turning up services can be slow and expensive. Moving traffic between cloud providers is time-consuming. Turn up connections in days rather than months and automate peering.

Close the skills gap through automation

Businesses lack in-house expertise on network-to-network connectivity (i.e. WAN). The enhanced OCX automates layer 2 connectivity PLUS network-to-network connectivity.

Control costs by optimizing resources

Engineers who have the knowledge to maintain and provision connectivity are expensive. With the enhanced OCX, you only need to provide basic information to stand up end-to-end connections. CoreSite provides virtual router capabilities, so there is no investment in routing equipment.

Countless Opportunities for Enterprises, Cloud and Network Providers

By virtualizing and automating complex network functions, the Open Cloud Exchange® (OCX) enables enterprises, network providers and IT service providers to connect and deliver solutions to an ever-expanding digital ecosystem.


  • Guaranteed throughput - High-performance network connections offer guaranteed throughput and lower latency compared to public internet connections
  • Increased security - Direct connections create private network isolation and are more secure than connecting through the public internet
  • Improved control - Manage connections in near real-time through the online service delivery platform
  • Ecosystem access - Single port allows establishing multiple virtual interfaces with our growing community of cloud, network and other service providers
  • Rapid scaling - New applications can be deployed quickly across U.S. markets using inter-market connectivity, globally via internet exchanges and subsea networks


  • Expand service offerings - Leverage CoreSite’s direct connectivity partnerships to leading service providers
  • Grow revenue - Take advantage of the hybrid cloud market and meet the demand for direct connectivity solutions
  • Simplify onboarding - Easily configure and customize connectivity
  • Reduce costs - Reduce development costs and the need for dedicated ports with the ability to access multiple providers over one port
  • National reach - Utilize inter-market connectivity to expand service offerings to new regions


  • Expand your customer base - Increase addressable market and attract new business by offering secure, dedicated connectivity to enterprise customers
  • Enterprise access - Reach remote enterprises via the robust ecosystem of network service and SDN providers 
  • Improve customer experience – Low-latency performance assures consistent experience from the core to the edge
  • Simplify your business - Simplify onboarding and reach customers through a single network interface

How the Open Cloud Exchange Works

The OCX works by providing a single port into our Layer 2 Ethernet switching platform, enabling private virtual connections (VLANs) to multiple service providers. Provisioning is done in real time with a virtual router solution, through a private online portal.

Get connected in five simple steps

  1. Configure your port 
  2. Select your EVC target
  3. Complete your new EVC order form
  4. Accept your connection with your cloud service provider
  5. Connect with top cloud providers, SaaS providers and enterprises

Optimize your Hybrid IT Journey