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When you want to exceed customers’ digital expectations – start with the data center.

From mission-critical applications to artificial intelligence programs: digital transformation starts in our data centers.

Conquering the Demanding Marketplace

Today’s retailers must remain relevant – and they do that by making people’s lives easier, safer and simpler. Much of the burden of achieving the “customer experience gold standard” is placed on the shoulders of IT leaders. Achieving unified commerce – and all of the benefits it enables – while simultaneously balancing complex hybrid legacy applications is a huge challenge. CoreSite’s hyper-connected data centers are the perfect fit for achieving retailers’ business goals.  

Hyper connected colocation is the key ingredient for a high-performance hybrid cloud solution. Robust networking solutions are particularly important for the geographically disparate data entry points retailers face. Dedicated managed service providers assist with migrating, provisioning, deploying and managing IT assets. At a CoreSite facility, network, cloud, IT and enterprise vendors assemble to solve your unique challenges and provide optimal, cost-effective solutions.

“Our ability to process huge amounts of data and ensure the availability of shopping on the app every minute of every day is paramount to our sustainable growth,” says Paul Zugnoni, Wish’s Director of Infrastructure — Datacenter and Networking. “There are so many ways to accomplish that. For us, a hybrid cloud datacenter approach was key for performance and optimal long-term cost management. A hybrid infrastructure gives us the flexibility and business agility required to remain competitive in such a dynamic market.”

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Connect to Your Financial Community – Instantly.

CoreSite data centers provide an interconnection platform into a robust financial services ecosystem, as well as hundreds of network, cloud and IT service providers. We meet the most stringent performance demands with microsecond latency to nearly all the major financial exchanges, while providing the flexibility to scale cost-effectively in major metros.

Solutions for Today, Flexibility for the Future

Direct connections

To partners and providers within the same building, reducing latency, improving network performance and saving on network costs


Modern facilities that are able to support high-density solutions and modern cooling techniques for high-performance computing.

Public cloud on-ramps

Save on data egress rates and lower latency with direct access to leading cloud providers, such as AWS, Microsoft, Google, Oracle and IBM.

Scalable, cost-effective solutions

Deployments ranging from partial cabinets to private suites on a national footprint so you can seamlessly grow as needs evolve.

100% uptime SLA

Relieve your staff and let us focus on keeping your resources up and running, backed up by our 100% uptime SLA.

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